In search of a cheap contacts at

I wear contact lenses – Focus Night and Day (made by Ciba Vision), to be exact. They are splendid lenses and once I put them in, I don’t even realize I have them in. It’s like I have a new pair of eyes. The only thing I don’t like, however, is that they tend to be a bit expensive. When I first got them about 10 years ago, they cost me about $100 a box. Given that 2 boxes only last me 6 months, I was spending $400 a years on contact lenses!

Fortunately, prices have come down a bit over the years, and I believe that is mostly due to the Internet. I eventually started noticing stores selling contacts online, and just about every single one of them had prices that were much better than what I was getting from my optometrist. The first store I tried was Coastal Contacts. Since then, I have continued to use online contact lens stores exclusively.

Now, all contact lens stores online are not the same. I have noticed it pays to shop around. There are two things you should be doing. The first is compare the prices being charged for the lenses you want by various stores. Put them in a spreadsheet. Next, hit up Google and start searching for coupons at each of the stores. So if you type in “ coupons” in Google search, you’ll find a coupon from sites like Write down how much of a discount you can get from each store, and then finally, you do the calculations and come up with the contact lens stores with the best deal. Alternatively, you can go to sites like to find the most recent promotional offers from and other contact lens stores.

Once you have this information, I would look for new coupons each month but other than that, I would simply continue buying from the same store. Even though the initial research may seem like work, it’s a good idea to do it because of the money you will save over time.