Are White Cloud ecigs the best e-cigarettes?

Where I live, a pack of cigarettes go for around $6.00. That’s not cheap, but at the same time it’s a purchase I make without giving it much thought. This isn’t the case with electronic cigarettes, given that the typical “starter” kit costs $49 or more. At that level of investment, almost anyone would hesitate, and very few people will buy a kit without first doing a bit of research.

Volcano Ecig, a rather popular electronic cigarette company, is a bit of an exception, since their cheapest kits start at around $24.95. This price would be for the Magma Starter Kit, which come with a battery, a carrying case, a recharger, and 5 cartomizers. Each cartomizer will last you about the same number of puffs as a pack of cigarettes. If you want more cartomizers, you can buy them in packs of five, for $10.50, which is a fairly typical price.

One thing I’ve noticed about e-cigarettes is that there are quite a few online coupons you can use to get extra savings on your purchase. Finding electronic cigarette coupons is quite easy, and all it takes is doing a search on Google. I usually go to the following site to get a discount code for Vapor4Life at

I won’t bore you with all the details, but my calculations show that you will save quite a bit of money by smoking e-cigs instead of regular cigarettes. And many people think it is much better for your health as well. Therefore, switching to e-cigs has many advantages which make it quite appealing.

So are Volcano Ecig e-cigs the best? I don’t know for sure, but it’s the first one I’ve tried out given their relatively low price point and overall popularity. To read more about electronic cigarettes, I recommend visiting